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Respect for the Environment

Organic Cosmetica loves and respects our natural habitat – the Earth. To prevent the pre-mature aging of our planet, Organic Cosmetica uses only post-consumer or recyclable packaging. Our products are distributed by carbon neutral means whenever possible.

The production of every product that we use has an environmental impact. From harvesting raw ingredients/materials needed to make the product, to the physical process of creating the product, to the packing and of course the fuel and energy used by couriers to deliver the product. Recycling can help offset this impact, but even recycling requires resources and has some impact on the environment. For this reason, Organic Cosmetica is phasing out secondary packaging on all its products (as of early 2022). Instead, we are now using honeycomb paper wrap and custom decorated mailer boxes made of recycled material to ship your OC orders to you. Instead of one box per product, we are using one beautiful box for multiple products. We hope that you agree with and understand our mission to reduce waste and our carbon footprint on our natural habitat.

Every time you shop with us, your purchase helps! We pledge to donate 2% of our annual profits to The Climate Reality Project.