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If you stay up to date with trends in natural or organic skincare, then you’re probably more than familiar with the staples. For instance, most skincare aficionados understand the many benefits of ingredients such as coconut oil and aloe vera.

However, some of the best organic skincare ingredients aren’t as well known, within the wider world of natural beauty and skincare. This is certainly unfortunate since many people are missing out on ingredients or products that can do wonders for the health and appearance of your skin. One of these lesser-known ingredients is known as meadowfoam seed oil.

What Is Meadowfoam Seed Oil?

Meadowfoam seed oil comes from the meadowfoam plant — specifically the seeds. The meadowfoam plant is a flower that’s native to Western Canada as well as California, and Oregon.

The chemical structure of this particular oil is unique, and that affords it some great benefits, over some more common oils or ingredients. For instance, meadowfoam seed oil is a fantastic way to moisturize both your hair and skin — although, unlike many other organic body oils, it doesn’t leave behind an oily feeling or residue. For this reason, more and more natural skin care products are taking advantage of meadowfoam seed oil and its impressive moisturizing capabilities.

The Top Benefits of Meadowfoam Seed Oil

As more research is done on the properties and effects of meadowfoam seed oil, we’re beginning to uncover new benefits. More specifically, however, what can this unique oil actually do for your health? How can it lend a hand to your hair and skin?

Meadowfoam Seed Oil Is an Emollient

Whenever it is applied to the hair or skin, meadowfoam seed oil will act as an emollient. Essentially, when an emollient is applied, it will form a protective seal over the skin or hair. This seal will then work to keep in moisture, giving an emollient impressive moisturizing capabilities, in the world of natural cosmetics.

In order to reap the benefits of emollients, all you need to do is apply it topically. Once meadowfoam seed oil is applied to the skin, for instance, it helps to make it softer and more supple.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil Has a Long Shelf Life

Unsurprisingly, as natural cosmetics and ingredients age, they begin to lose some of their effectiveness. However, some ingredients have longer shelf lives than others.

This oil contains more than 98 percent long chain fatty acids, making it one of the most stable vegetable oils out there. For this reason, meadowfoam seed oil can last for long periods of time, losing little to none of its peak effectiveness.

Meadowfoam Seed Oil Moisturizes the Hair

Since meadowfoam seed oil is so effective as an emollient, it can provide a number of benefits to dry or brittle hair. By keeping your hair hydrated with meadowfoam seed oil, the user can begin reducing or eliminating tangling, brittleness, dullness, or frizz.

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